Collective Teacher Efficacy

Collective Teacher Efficacy is the perception of a group of educators about their ability to positively affect student learning.  Collective Teacher Efficacy contributes to educator confidence in addressing the needs of all students, fosters teacher commitment, and enhances parent-teacher relationships.

Learning Objectives

  • Design intentional support for establishing CTE by providing opportunities for the teachers to experience self-efficacy
  • Create opportunities for teachers to network and professionally collaborate
  • Provide feedback to determine and evaluate impact
  • Involve teachers in shared decision making to build confidence and leadership skills

Participant and Presenter Materials

Participant Materials

Participant Handouts

Listed below are handout packets that are valuable to all sections of the CFA professional learning module as well as additional handouts specifically related to each of the sections.

 All CTE Participant Handouts

Presenter/Consultant Materials

Presenter Materials

PowerPoint files with detailed presenter notes are available for each learning package.

ppt icon Collective Teacher Efficacy Base

ppt icon CTE Social Networks Focus

ppt icon CTE Teacher Leadership Focus

ppt icon CTE Decision Making Focus

ppt icon CTE Teacher Inquiry Focus

Implementation Supports

Word document icon Next Steps Action Plan

Word document icon CTE Practice Profile

Word document icon CTE 0 Base Content Fidelity Checklist

Word document icon CTE 1 Social Networks Content Fidelity Checklist

Word document icon CTE 2 Teacher Leadership Content Fidelity Checklist

Word document icon CTE 3 Teacher Voice in Decision Making Content Fidelity Checklist

Word document icon CTE 4 Teacher Inquiry Content Fidelity Checklist