This course provides information on the practices needed to build a comprehensive system to discouraging the full range of inappropriate behaviors. In order to develop a comprehensive schoolwide system to discourage inappropriate behavior, you will need to: 1) know strategies to respond to minor or staff-managed behaviors, 2) define what constitutes major or office-managed behavior, and 3) develop related data gathering tools.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the role of teaching in response to student social errors.
  • Define for your school what constitutes a “major” or office-managed behavior that warrants an office
  • Develop an office referral form with all essential data fields, and clarify procedures surrounding the
  • Use respectful strategies for staff-managed “minor” inappropriate behavior.
  • Demonstrate instructional strategies for responding to inappropriate behavior.
  • Select and use additional consequences effectively.
  • Develop a process to monitor minor student behavior and guide discipline decisions.


This course is for Tier 1 SW-PBS Leadership Teams that have completed the schoolwide matrix and have systems in place to teach and encourage expected behavior. For more information on these topics, please see previous Tier 1 Courses: Clarifying Expected Behavior, Teaching Expected Behavior, and Encouraging Expected Behavior.

Reflective Questions

  • What happens in your building when an inappropriate behavior occurs?
  • Do all staff respond in a similar way?
  • Do staff view inappropriate behavior as a teaching opportunity?