The Distance Learning with Technology module offers educators both pedagogy and practical tools/resources to accommodate a variety of learning environments.  The ability to use technology to create content-rich learning, gather quality feedback including formative assessment and develop learner agency all contribute to powerful learning outcomes.


  1. Connect the information in the pedagogy sections to experiences you had during distance learning.
  2. Integrate technology to enhance your content in the upcoming school year in critical and meaningful ways.
  3. Understand the importance of quality feedback as well as the connection between feedback and growth mindset.
  4. Access state and national resources to learn more about using technology in distance learning.

Distance Learning with Technology from MO DESE on Vimeo.

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Reflective Questions:

  1. What are some ways that you can push to ensure that your digital learning is dynamic and creates an invitation for high levels of cognitive engagement?
  2. How are you going to ensure that students in your class know where they are in their learning, and how are you going to prepare them to start asking themselves what their next steps in learning will be?
  3. Think about your students from last spring as they moved through distance learning.  Why did some students thrive?  What were the struggles that some of the students encountered?  How can you incorporate some of the new strategies learned in this module to help overcome some of these struggles and help your students this year thrive no matter the learning environment we find ourselves?
  4. What are some tools or platforms that you can implement to shift your instruction to help your students take more ownership of their learning?

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Tracy Brosch
6th ELA Teacher
Hancock Place Middle School
Heidi Broughton
ELA Curriculum Leader/Instructor
Hannibal Public Schools
Deb Caywood
5th Grade
Liberty Public Schools
Mary Hall
HS Math
Chaffee R-2 School District
Darbie Valenti
Elementary Gifted Teacher
St. Joseph School District

Professional Biographies

Tracy Brosch

Tracy Brosch is a Gateway Writing Project assistant director and believes in the value of teachers teaching teachers. She currently focuses on English Language Arts, loves all things tech related, and is a Google Certified Educator Level I & II. Mrs. Brosch guides future English Language Arts teachers in utilizing best practice in the teacher preparation program at the University of Missouri – St. Louis and instructs 6th graders on all things reading and writing at Hancock Place Middle School in Lemay, MO. Go Tigers! Tracy has completed two masters degrees in education and has experience and certification in Early Childhood, Elementary, ELA 6 – 12, and Library Media. Tracy was recognized by DESE as a finalist for Missouri Teacher of the Year in 2018.


Heidi Broughton

Heidi is a knowledge seeker and lifetime lover of learning from Hannibal, Missouri, the boyhood home of Mark Twain. She strives to #spreadthehappy and chooses positivity as often as possible. Her career in public education spans nearly 20 years, covering the subjects of English Language Arts and How to be a Kind Human for Life. She has taught students in every level from grade six through grade twelve (but sophomores are secretly her favorite humans!). Heidi was proudly named a 2016 Regional Teacher of the Year.


Deb Caywood

Deb Caywood teaches at EPiC Elementary in Liberty, MO. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Langston University and a Master’s Degree from Arkansas State and has served as an educator for 23 years. Caywood opens her classroom to educators interested in learning more about innovative teaching practices. She leads professional development, while also serving as an adjunct professor for Rockhurst University. She seeks ways to connect her passion for learning and curriculum to her community serving on the Educator Advisory Board for the KC Zoo, writing curriculum for Harvesters Food Bank, and is Director of STEM Education for Tristar Experience providing hands-on aviation field trips. Caywood was awarded the Christa McAuliffe Pioneer in Education Award for 2019, served as 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year for her district, and was a Missouri Teacher of the Year Semi-Finalist.


Mary Hall

Mary Hall is currently a high school math teacher and student council sponsor at Chaffee R-2 School District. She is an educator committed to enhancing the learning process through classroom experiences and collaborative learning opportunities. She teaches with great passion and leads by example, modeling to students the rewards of hard work and determination. As a teacher leader, she serves as a department chair for the mathematic department. She is well-versed in her content, technology implementation, and curriculum. These strong attributes allow her to work collaboratively with her team to develop and execute rigorous instructional practices. She also dedicates her time to the community and her students by assisting and planning fundraising events, back-to-school socials, and community service projects. With her enthusiasm and her “go getter “personality, she is a true educational leader.


Darbie Valenti

Representing the St. Joseph School District, Darbie Valenti loves first and teaches second. With empathy as the basis of her work, she builds relationships with her students while promoting a growth mindset to empower them to believe that they can make meaningful and impactful changes to our world. Darbie’s 18 years of teaching experience spans elementary and middle school and also includes serving as an adjunct professor for Northwest Missouri State University. Darbie has received numerous teaching honors, including being recognized as the 2017 Missouri Teacher of the Year, which have afforded her the opportunity to serve as an ambassador for STEM education as well as trauma-informed education in her state, nation and around the globe as she fulfills her passion of building capacity in teachers.