Elementary Tips and Suggestions is an informational webinar designed to offer primary and upper elementary educators equitable implementation ideas in preparation for the start of the new school year.  Whether in-person or through virtual settings, educators will need to begin planning in the following areas: social and emotional learning, building relationships, instructional suggestions, cross-curricular integration, and assessment & feedback.


  1. Recall a variety of strategies for making connections and understanding the importance of staying connected.
  2. Design integrated lessons across the curricula for both virtual and seated settings that incorporate content-rich text and resources.
  3. Develop an awareness of social-emotional needs of students and families including strategies of how to support them in an equitable manner.
  4. Access State and National resources to learn more about expectations and examples of virtual learning.

Elementary Tips & Suggestions from MO DESE on Vimeo.

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Reflective Questions:

  1. From the strategies shared, which ones are most likely to fit naturally with my classroom instruction, and where could I incorporate them?
  2. What SEL strategies do I want to incorporate into my distance learning classroom so my students stay connected and continue to build relationships?
  3. How can I integrate cross-curricular learning activities into my distance learning, and how will it increase the impact of my instruction?
  4. What assessments and feedback will I use to ensure that students are engaged and learning?

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Anne Braun
5th Grade
Lee’s Summit Woodman Elementary School
Shenee McCoy
5th Grade
Ritenour School District
Sarah Meisner
2nd Grade
Nixa’s John Thomas School of Discovery

Professional Biographies

Anne Braun

Anne Braun comes from a family of educators who instilled in her a love of learning and a passion for teaching. She has 25 years of experience teaching fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. Currently, Anne is a fifth-grade teacher at Woodland Elementary in the Lee’s Summit R7 School District. In 2018, she was selected as Lee’s Summit’s Teacher of the Year and was recognized as a Missouri Regional Teacher of the Year. Anne is passionate about building and fostering strong relationships with her students by providing a stable, nurturing, and supportive environment. Her mission is to enrich each student’s life beyond the classroom. Students come to school with a variety of backgrounds and circumstances. Therefore, Anne believes her role as a teacher is not only to educate, she is also a mother, protector, counselor, and confidant. Anne works to inspire, provide hope, wipe away tears, build confidence, ignite imaginations, discover passions, and instill a love of learning in all students.


Denise Henggeler

Denise Henggeler has been teaching 4th grade at Northeast Nodaway for 22 years; however, she has never taught the same lesson twice. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education (1997) and her Master’s of Science in Middle School Education (2007) from Northwest Missouri State University. Denise co-wrote a grant for her school to become a NASA Explorer School. She loves being part of a district so small that the preschool through twelfth grade is housed in one building. Denise was named a 2020 Missouri Teacher of the Year Finalist, and she encourages students and colleagues alike to “Dare Mighty Things”! You can follow Denise on Twitter at @NEN4thgrade.


Shenee McCoy

Shenee’ McCoy, a twelve-year elementary educator in the Ritenour School District, is a 5th-grade teacher focused on catering to the changing climate of education. She received her Master of Arts in Elementary Education from Roosevelt University in 2008 and STEM Certification from Maryville University in 2019. Using STEM activities that challenge students to become innovative thinkers and problem solvers, Shenee’ has encouraged students to lose their fear of failure and gain self-confidence. With future career paths being more technological, she seamlessly incorporates computer coding, podcasting, and digital storytelling into her instructional practices. Her goal is to feed the creative interests of students and nurture the innovators they aspire to be. This goal also extends to her fellow teachers. Shenee has facilitated numerous professional development learning sessions for educators, providing guidance for teachers to infuse technology into their daily instruction.


Sarah Meisner

Sarah Miesner is a 2nd grade teacher at John Thomas School of Discovery, one of the first STEM accredited schools in Missouri. She graduated with her masters degree in administration from Missouri State University this past fall and is continuing her education through Missouri State’s Teacher Academy and Leadership Academy. Her recent presentations include SMCAA 2020 Winter Symposium, NSTA National Conference 2019, Inquiry-Based Learning at the National Conference of the Younger Years in both 2019/2020, and STEAM-U events for area School Districts. Sarah was the Teacher of the Year for Nixa Public Schools in 2018 and Regional Teacher of the Year. She is also a Missouri Teacher Table representative and is the Teacher in Residence for the Missouri State Internship Academy program. Along with a busy education life, she also keeps up with her two children and husband, volunteering, fitness endeavors, and enjoying every day.