“A system is a set of related components that work together in a particular environment to perform whatever functions are required to achieve the system’s objective.”1Meadows, D. H. (2008). Thinking in Systems. White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green Publishing ...continue

Leaders who impact student outcomes understand their fundamental task is to create a system in which everyone is dedicated to student learning. This module focuses on leadership for implementing and sustaining a systemic framework. Leadership for effective implementation of District Continuous Improvement includes strategies for the following.

circular model of leadership
  • Aligning – Developing an implementation plan that aligns district-wide initiatives and performance goals in a common focus
  • Path Setting – Establishing structures and processes to support collaboration and communication across the district
  • Modeling – Leading within the context of a growth-centered, trust-based culture
  • Empowering – Supporting and monitoring active participation and the implementation of identified effective practices

Course Outcomes

In this module, District Leadership Team members will understand the following.

  • Key actions in the implementation and support of effective practices to maximize impact on student growth and learning
  • The application of systems thinking to the implementation of District Continuous Improvement
  • How to develop and support a culture of continuous improvement and collective responsibility
  • District-wide structures and processes that support collaboration and communication
  • Alignment of individual effort and goals to a district focus
  • How to support and monitor the engagement of district staff in the implementation process

Reflective Questions

  • As you consider your current district system, how would you describe the interconnectedness and interactions that currently exist across the district?
  • What are the strengths of your learning system?
  • What are potential challenges to a system-wide approach to implementation within your district?

Coaching Companion

Blog Post: Tools for Systems Thinkers; The 6 Fundamental Concepts of Systems Thinking. Acaroglu, L. (2017).

Blog Post: Dancing With Systems.  Meadows, D. (n.d.).

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