Positive Behavior Support in the Classroom introduces the 8 Missouri Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support (SW-PBS) Effective Teaching and Learning Practices. These practices have been shown to decrease problem behavior and increase time for academic learning. These positive and proactive strategies help to establish an effective classroom learning environment. This learning package contains 10 lessons, which includes an Overview,  separate lessons for each of the 8 Effective Teaching and Learning Practices, and a final lesson that covers On-Going Monitoring. Links to all 10 lessons can be found on this page.

Learner Objectives:

  • Teachers develop knowledge of the Science of Behavior.
  • Teachers develop an understanding that classroom procedures should be defined, posted, taught, and referred to regularly.
  • Teachers develop knowledge of classroom rules/expectations that are aligned with schoolwide expectations.
  • Teachers develop knowledge of a continuum or menu of strategies to encourage appropriate behavior.
  • Teachers understand how having a continuum or menu of strategies to discourage unexpected behavior is developed.
  • Teachers develop the process of monitoring learning and performance on classroom expectations/rules that incorporates moving, scanning and interacting with students.
  • Teachers understand how to provide students with multiple Opportunities to Respond (OTR).
  • Teachers develop knowledge of activity sequencing that thinks about and alters the manner in which instructional tasks, activities or requests are ordered to promote learning and encourage appropriate behavior.
  • Teachers develop skills to determine which aspects of the task/assignment do not match the student’s skills and appropriate adjustments to decrease associated problem behaviors and increase opportunities for academic success.

Course Content

Lessons Status

SW-PBS in the Classroom, Lesson 1: Overview


SW-PBS in the Classroom, Lesson 2: ETLP 1-Classroom Expectations and Rules


SW-PBS in the Classroom, Lesson 3: ETLP 2-Classroom Procedures and Routines


SW-PBS in the Classroom, Lesson 4: ETLP 3-Encouraging Expected Behavior


SW-PBS in the Classroom, Lesson 5: ETLP 4-Discouraging Unexpected Behavior


SW-PBS in the Classroom, Lesson 6: ETLP 5-Active Supervision


SW-PBS in the Classroom, Lesson 7: ETLP 6-Opportunities to Respond


SW-PBS in the Classroom, Lesson 8: ETLP 7-Activity Sequencing and Choice


SW-PBS in the Classroom, Lesson 9: Adjusting Task Difficulty


SW-PBS Lesson 10: Ongoing Monitoring