Developing Assessment Capable Learners

The Developing Assessment Capable Learners professional learning module was developed with the intention of combining the original Assessment Capable Learners and Feedback professional learning modules developed in 2013.  Developed in early 2017, these materials provide a more in-depth exploration into the role that feedback plays in the development of assessment capable learners in the classroom.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what an assessment capable learner is.
  • Use current practices as a base point for next steps.
    • Where am I going?
      • Provide a clear vision of the learning target.
      • Use rubrics.
      • Analyze examples of strong and weak work.
    • Where am I now?
      • Look at effective feedback.
      • Look at self-assessment.
    • How can I close the gap?
  • Discover strategies for teachers and students.
  • Use evidence of student learning to determine next steps in teaching.

Participant and Presenter Materials

Participant Handouts

Below are the participant handouts for each section of Developing Assessment Capable Learners.  The Developing Assessment Capable Learners infographic and implementation supports are included in the handouts for all sections and should be shared with each section of the materials.

Handouts for All Sections

Overview Handout Packet

Part 1 Handouts: Where am I Going?

 Part 2 Handouts: Where am I Now?

Part 3 Handouts: How Can I Close The Gap?

Pre/Post Educator-Learner Assessments:

We are working to update pre- and post-assessments to reflect the changes made to the Developing Assessment Capable Learners training materials in 2017.  We will post them we revisions are complete.

Presenter Materials


PowerPoint files with detailed presenter notes are available for each learning package.

Overview: Developing Assessment Capable Learners

Part 1: Where am I Going?

 Part 2: Where am I Now?

Part 3: How Can I Close The Gap?

Implementation Supports

 Developing ACL Practice Profile

 Next Steps Action Plan

DACL Overview Content Fidelity Checklist

DACL Part 1 Where am I Going Content Fidelity Checklist

DACL Part 2 Where am I Now Content Fidelity Checklist

DACL Part 3 How Can I Close The Gap Content Fidelity Checklist

Additional Resources

Reference List for Developing Assessment Capable Learners

DACL Coaching Companion 2019

 Walkthrough Tool aligned with Essential Elements

 Walkthrough Tool