This lesson provides information that will assist teams in developing adaptations to the Check-In, Check-Out (CICO) intervention to make it appropriate for implementation at the preschool level.   While many features will remain the same, there are several features that will need to be considered for possible modification.

It is recommended that teams planning for preschool implementation view this lesson prior to developing the CICO components as outlined on the Check-In, Check-Out Intervention Development Checklist and its accompanying lessons. This will allow for the consideration of adaptations for preschool implementation as the Check-In, Check-Out lessons are completed.


By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Develop CICO Adaptations for Preschool Implementation.


This lesson is for Tier 2 teams in a preschool setting that have developed their Tier 2 systems and have completed the CICO Introductory Overview lesson.

Systems in place should include: 1) Tier 2 team roles and responsibilities, 2) identifying students for Tier 2 support, 3) collecting student information to make informed decisions and determine function of behavior, and 4) staff training and communication. Refer to Courses 1-4 for information about developing these systems.

Reflective Questions

  • Why would Check-In, Check-Out need to be adapted for a preschool setting?
  • What might be some possible adaptations to consider?