This lesson describes the tools and processes for supporting teachers in the implementation of Effective Teaching and Learning Practices (ETLPs) through ongoing monitoring.  Using the Self-Assessments and Practice Profiles provided for each of the ETLPs, the team will reflect on a plan for teaching, practicing, and providing feedback to support teachers.

Learning Objectives

  • Become familiar with the MO SW-PBS Effective Teaching and Learning Practices self-assessments and practice profiles.
  • Discover how self-assessments can help teachers set goals, and determine professional development priorities.
  • Learn how to use practice profiles to guide observations and provide feedback.

Reflective Questions

  • How can teachers determine the quality of implementation of the Effective Teaching and Learning Practices?

Defining Terms

Self-Assessment:  a tool designed to be used by teachers and teacher teams to gauge the depth of their implementation of selected effective teaching and learning practices.

Practice Profile: A framework developed by the National Implementation

Research Network (NIRN) as a way of outlining criteria using a rubric structure with clearly defined practice-level characteristics.