Metacognition is the practice of teaching and encouraging students to think about thinking and how they learn best. Metacognition occurs before, during, and after learning and involves self-reflective questions around comprehension, connection, strategies, and reflection.  Metacognition was originally rolled out in 2015.  These materials were revised and updated in summer, 2017.

Metacognition Learning Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of metacognition including what it is and how it works.
  • Identify and implement methods to help students use metacognitive skills.
  • Explain metacognition and how to develop a culture of metacognition in the classroom.

Presenter Materials


Presenter/Consultant Materials

Presenter PowerPoints with Notes

PowerPoint files with detailed presenter notes are available for each learning package.

ppt icon Metacognition PowerPoint

Participant Handouts

Preparatory reading, additional handouts and worksheets, practice profile, and fidelity checklist are posted below.

pdf-icon Metacognition Handout Packet

Implementation Supports

Word document icon Metacognition Practice Profile

Word document icon Metacognition Fidelity Checklist

Additional Resources

Word document icon Reference List

pdf-icon Metacognition Walkthrough Tool 2020

Word document icon Resources for further learning

Metacognition: The Gift That Keeps Giving.  A blog post on Edutopia.  It has been reposted to the MoEdu-Sail blog page.   (Posted on MoEdu-Sail 10/27/14)

Metacognition Coaching Companion