Using Technology to Support Collaborative Work

Teachers know that they must integrate technology into their lessons. But understanding why it should happen and how best to do it are often less clear. When done effectively, technology has a positive impact on student learning.  Integrating technology can increase student motivation, improve communication of learning goals and facilitate higher-order thinking skills.

Using Technology to Support CW Learning Objectives

Educators will:

  • Examine and practice technology application to support Collaborative Work, including common formative assessments and the four selected effective learning practices.
  • Consider adjustments and accommodations necessary for implementation of technology.
  • Begin planning for effective implementation using technology in classroom instruction.

Presenter and Participant Materials

Presenter/Consultant Materials

Joomag Participant Slides: These files do not include the presenter notes. Files can be viewed online, on mobile devices, or printed. Click on the slide image to open the file in Joomag. From there, you can print or email participants. Another option is to use the direct link shown below each image. You can copy and paste that link into an email.

MO EDU-SAIL Learning Packages Using Technology to Support Collaborative Work

zip file icon Participant Handouts: Preparatory reading, additional handouts and worksheets, practice profile, and fidelity checklist are posted below.

Using Tech for CW Handouts Slide

Presenter/Consultant Materials

In addition to the participant materials, the Power Point files with detailed presenter notes are available for each learning package. For some packages, additional presenter resources are also suggested.

Presenter Power Points with Notes

ppt icon Powerpoint with Presenter Notes

Implementation Supports

Word Practice Profile

Excel-icon Implementation Fidelity Checklist


Word Using Technology to Support CW Reference List