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Lesson Summary

During this lesson, you learned Check-In, Check-Out features that do and do not need modification for a High School setting.

Next Step Question(s)

Next steps include proceeding with the lessons for developing your Check-In, Check-Out intervention: CICO Program Design, CICO Daily Progress Report, CICO Reinforcement System, Identifying CICO Participants and Data Management, CICO Plans for Self-Management, Fading and Graduation, CICO Training for Staff, Students, and Families, and Evaluate CICO Program Outcomes lessons.

Determine what information from this lesson you will share with your staff. How will it be shared, when will it be shared, and who will share it?

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For More Information

Additional information about Check-In, Check-Out can be found in Chapter 5 of the Missouri SW-PBS Tier 2 Team Workbook which can be found at

Next Lesson

When you are ready, continue to the next lesson, CICO Program Design, during which you will start planning your CICO intervention. When you are planning CICO, keep in mind any adaptations you may need to make due to your High School context.