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What is a high rate of opportunities to respond? A common suggestion is that teacher talk should be no more than 40-50% of the instructional time, with the remaining time and activities fully engaging students. The Council for Exceptional Children (1987) initially provided guidelines for optimal response rates for students that have continued to be utilized (Reinke, Herman & Stormont, 2013). When learning new material, teachers should strive to obtain a minimum of 4 to 6 responses per minute with 80% accuracy. If activities involve the review of previously learned material, teachers should strive for 8 to 12 responses per minute with 90% accuracy.

High school students sitting in rows, several have hands raised.  Teacher is in the front of the room and is pointing toward one student.
New Material Review Material
4 to 6 responses/minute
with 80% accuracy
8 to 12 responses/minute
with 90% accuracy