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SCANNING. Whether you are moving around the room, working with a small group or individual, or leading the group from the front of the room, you should frequently and intentionally look around at the students.

If you are moving and circulating, visually sweep all areas of the room as well as looking at the students nearest you. If you are working with an individual student, position yourself so you can scan the entire room simultaneously, or stand up occasionally and look around the room, then return to the student.

When working with a group, look up and scan the room as you also, alternately, focus on the group.

Visual scanning allows you to watch for expected behavior, as well as behavior errors you will want to address. It will also help you to identify students who may need your assistance.

Group of older elementary children working as a group,are seated at a table. Three girls look at a paper in front of the boy. The teacher is looking over the top of the students as the boy points to the paper and apears to be talking..