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Course: Check-In, Check-Out (CICO) Lesson: CICO Daily Progress Report from Missouri SW-PBS on Vimeo.

Read the transcript of the video here.


Word 1. DPR Design Considerations

Word 2. Daily Progress Report Examples

Word 3. CICO Intervention Development Checklist


pdf-icon Topic in Action

Pause & Reflect #1

  • What are your school’s expectations that will be reflected on your Daily Progress Report?
  • What might be advantages to listing only the expectations on a DPR?
  • What might be advantages to listing a targeted behavior for each expectation?

Pause & Reflect #2

  • Which 3 point scale will you use – 1-3 or 0-2?
  • How will you reach agreement with your staff what each rating will represent?
  • Will you include a section for positive comments?

Pause & Reflect #3

  • Considering the context of your school, how many rating periods will be included on your DPR?
  • Will you include a place for teacher initials?

Pause & Reflect #4

  • How often will you communicate with parents – daily or weekly?
  • Will you send home a summary or the Daily Progress Report?

Pause & Reflect #5

Refer to the Check-In, Check-Out Intervention Development Checklist and the Daily Progress Report Examples document to plan your next steps in order to complete your draft Daily Progress Report.


pdf-icon Topic in Practice

Pretend that you are a team describing the Daily Progress Report to your staff. One teacher says that she has used a daily report for years and doesn’t see why she would need anything different for Check-In, Check-Out. She pulls out a copy of a student’s behavior report for that day. Compare Ernie’s report in the video to the features of a Daily Progress Report.

What would be your response to this teacher?