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Course: Check-In, Check-Out (CICO) Lesson: CICO Systems for Reinforcement and Response to Referrals from Missouri SW-PBS on Vimeo.

Read the transcript of the video here.


Word 1.Reinforcer Checklist

Word 2.CICO Intervention Development Checklist


pdf-icon Topic in Action

Pause & Reflect #1

Review the Reinforcer Checklist handout. Will this document be helpful as you develop a checklist for your school?

  • What are inexpensive or free reinforcers that are available in your school?
  • How will you obtain staff input into your checklist?
  • How will you ensure that students have the opportunity to complete the checklist during their CICO training?

Pause & Reflect #2

  • What will be your reinforcement system so students are recognized for:
  • Checking in
  • Checking out
  • Returning the signed DPR
  • Meeting the daily goal
  • How will your reinforcement system align with your schoolwide system? For instance, if you are going to provide tickets, can they be the same tickets used with all students?

Pause & Reflect #3

  • What will be your system to recognize teachers who are implementing CICO with fidelity?
  • When you are planning your system for staff, also consider planning how parents can be recognized for their support – perhaps a periodic phone call or note of appreciation?

Pause & Reflect #4

  • What are budgetary options you have available for providing reinforcers?
  • How will you solicit staff members to see if any of them are willing to donate time for a social reinforcer?

Pause & Reflect #5

  • How will teacher-managed discipline referrals be handled for students participating in CICO?
  • How will office-managed discipline referrals be handled for students participating in CICO?
  • How will this information be communicated to staff, students, and parents so everyone knows “up-front”?
  • When a referral occurs, how will communication take place among administration, teachers, and the CICO facilitator?


pdf-icon Topic in Practice

Topic in Practice #1:

When Tim arrives at school, he goes to Mrs. Bishop’s room where he is greeted positively with “Good morning, Tim – it is great to see you this morning! Thanks for remembering to stop by; here is your Tiger Ticket for checking in. Awesome – you brought back your DPR with your dad’s signature. I see he wrote you a very nice note for meeting your goal yesterday. Here is a second Tiger Ticket for returning your signed DPR.” Tim then gets his new DPR, reviews his goals, and Mrs. Bishop sends him off with “Looks like you’re ready for a good day.”

At the end of the day, Tim returns to Mrs. Bishop’s room. Mrs. Bishop greets Tim with a big smile and gives him a Tiger Ticket for checking out. They tally the points on the DPR and determine if he met his goal. While Mrs. Bishop enters the score in the spreadsheet, Tim graphs his score on a chart in his folder. Mrs. Bishop tells Tim, “You had a terrific day and met your goal! Here is a second Tiger Ticket for meeting your goal. Remember to take your DPR home. Before you leave, show me that you have everything so you can complete your homework tonight.”

Consider these questions:

  • What social and material reinforcers did Tim receive for checking-in?
  • What social and material reinforcers did Tim receive for checking-out?
  • Was the Tiger Ticket at check-in contingent on whether or not Tim returned the signed DPR?
  • Was the Tiger Ticket at check-out contingent on whether or not Tim met his daily goal?

Topic in Practice #2:

Kelly is participating in CICO.  During math class, Kelly and another student have a disagreement about sharing the tablet computer.  As the teacher approaches to investigate, she hears both students use inappropriate language toward each other.  As part of the schoolwide system, this problem behavior results in a classroom managed minor discipline referral.  Kelly’s participation in CICO should not preclude the teacher following the minor discipline protocol for both students.

However, if one of the expectations on Kelly’s DPR is “Be Respectful”, which includes using kind words, the teacher should give specific corrective feedback like, “Kelly, calling another student an ‘idiot’ is not kind or respectful.  If you’re disagreeing with someone, you can say, ‘I disagree’ or ‘I’m going to do it this way’, and then leave the situation.  Please ask me or another adult if you’re feeling frustrated and need help.”

If the guidelines on the DPR indicate that Kelly earns 2 points for 0-1 reminders to Be Respectful, 1 point for 2 reminders, and 0 points for 3 or more reminders, it may be possible for Kelly to have a minor discipline referral, but still earn 2 points for the math period if that is the only reminder required for being respectful.

  • Why did Kelly receive a minor discipline referral even though she participates in CICO?
  • How did the teacher provide specific corrective feedback to Kelly?
  • How is it possible for Kelly to still earn 2 points on her DPR for Be Respectful during math?

Topic in Practice #3:

Joe is participating in CICO. During physical education, Joe and another student got into a name-calling argument over the outcome of a game, and the argument quickly escalated into a shoving match that the teacher had to separate. As part of the schoolwide system, this behavior results in an office-managed referral. Joe’s participation in CICO should not preclude the teacher following the office discipline referral protocol for both students.

Joe is in the office for the rest of physical education time – about 20 minutes. During this time, the principal, who knows that two of Joe’s DPR Expectations are “Be Respectful” and “Be Safe”, gives Joe corrective feedback such as, “When you got into the argument about the game and called the other student names, that was not respectful. Then you started shoving each other, which was not being safe. When you start to get angry and frustrated, remember to walk away and ask the teacher for a short break so you can cool down. I really appreciate how respectful you are being now so you and I can talk about what happened.”

The guidelines that Joe’s school has developed is that students do not earn DPR points during any period that the student is removed from the classroom. Therefore, Joe does not get points for the P.E. period. However, no points previously earned are taken away and he can continue to earn points the rest of the day and possible meet his goal.

  • Why did Joe receive an office discipline referral even though he participates in CICO?
  • How did the principal provide specific corrective feedback to Joe?
  • How is it possible for Joe to still meet his daily goal even though he received an ODR?