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Course: Check-In, Check-Out (CICO) Lesson: Modifying CICO for Some Students from Missouri SW-PBS on Vimeo.

Read the transcript of the video here.


Word 1. Individual Student Contract Sample


pdf-iconTopic in Action

Pause & Reflect #1

  • How does your team analyze data to determine if a student’s response to intervention is positive, questionable, or poor?
  • How does your team check fidelity of implementation of CICO?
  • How do you know if the student’s goal is attainable?

Pause & Reflect #2

  • What is your process for determining the function of a student’s behavior?
  • How will you ensure that any modifications match the appropriate function?
  • How will CICO modifications be communicated to the student, staff, and family?

Pause & Reflect #3

  • What will be your system for ensuring communication between the Tier 2 team and the special education teams for students participating in CICO?

There is one scenario embedded in this lesson. The scenario describes a team working to determine CICO modifications for a student named Jamie. During the scenario, you will be prompted to pause the video and discuss the following questions with your team before proceeding.


pdf-icon Topic in Practice

First Pause

  • Is Jamie’s response positive, questionable, or poor?
  • What is her goal?
  • If her baseline data was 55%, is this a reasonable goal?

Second Pause

  • What should Jamie’s team do next?

Third Pause

  • How did Jamie’s team check for fidelity of Implementation?
  • What should Jamie’s team do next?

Fourth Pause

  • How might the team modify CICO to meet the need to get peer attention?

Fifth Pause

  • How did the team determine Jamie’s new reinforcers?
  • How do the reinforcers align with the function of obtaining peer attention?

Sixth Pause

  • How does Jamie’s contract outline expectations, reinforcers, and supports?