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The best chances for discouraging unexpected behavior are through preventing the behavior errors from happening.  We know, however, that behavior errors will still occur despite consistent efforts at prevention.  Remember to think about the ABCs, and choose antecedent and consequence strategies likely to be effective for your classroom.

A – B – C

Antecedent Behavior Consequence

Antecedent    Behavior    Consequence
  • Define expected behaviors, rules, procedures and routines
  • Model, teach, and practice expected behaviors, rules, procedures, and routines
  • Use pre-corrects
  • Engage in active supervision
  • Use calm, professional tone and demeanor
  • Use proximity

Engaging in

Expected Behavior

Indirect Strategies

  • Use proximity
  • Use signals/non-verbal cues
  • Ignore/attend/praise

Direct Strategies

  • Re-direct
  • Re-teach
  • Provide choices

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