Topic Progress:

While embedded supports (e.g., training, coaching and performance feedback) are needed for teachers to acquire and sustain effective instructional practices, most schools do not have the capacity to provide this intensive support to all teachers (Simonsen, MacSuga, Fallon, & Sugai, 2013). The solution proposed by Simonsen and colleagues is for universal professional development to be provided to all teachers, with all teachers additionally self-assessing, setting personal goals and independently monitoring. Brief classroom observations and teacher self-monitoring data can confirm improvement, while tiered support may be necessary for a smaller number of teachers.

The focus of this lesson is on teacher self-assessment of instructional practices, goal setting and monitoring. Goal setting combined with small group collegial dialog is a robust method to support teacher self-efficacy, improve the quality and frequency of ETLP implementation, and  ultimately student academic and behavioral outcomes.