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Refining and Revisiting Classroom Procedures

Read through the following list of possible classroom procedures. Check any that are applicable to your classroom and note any others not listed. You may want to go through your typical day and identify each necessary procedure.

Do they meet the OMPUA guidelines?

  • Observable – Behaviors we can see
  • Measurable – We can count occurrences
  • Positively Stated – What we do to be successful
  • Understandable – Student-friendly language
  • Always Applicable – The same everyday

Do they clearly create a vision of a successful student in the designated activity or task?

• Exchanging papers

• Returning homework

• Late work

• Getting out materials

• Moving about the room

• Headings of papers

• Going to the library

• When you finish early

• Handling disruptions

• Asking a question

• Responding to a fire drill

• Responding to severe weather

• When visitors are in classroom

• If you are suddenly ill

• When the teacher is called away

• Grading criteria

• Restroom, water fountains

• I-pads

• Cell phones

• Head phones


Select one of the procedures you identified on the list as not being in place.

  1. Identify the desired outcome of the procedure.
  2. Sequentially list each step required to complete. an activity (each step must contain an observable action to be performed by the student).
    • Describe what to do, when to do and how to do it.
    • Think of the errors students typically make before, during, and after the current procedure when identifying the steps to include.

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