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The Effective Teaching and Learning Practices can act as antecedents; meaning they set the stage, or trigger, appropriate behaviors and maximize the probability of student success. In addition, some of the practices function as consequences, or the resulting event or outcome that occurs immediately following the behavior and impacts future occurrence of the behavior.  Consequences serve to increase or decrease the future occurrence of a behavior.

A – B – C

Antecedent Behavior Consequence




  • Establish clear classroom expectations.
  • Increase student engagement with learning and task completion while dispaying expected social behaviors.
  • Provide high rates of specific positive feedback.
  • Increase predictability through clear procedures and routines.
  • Use a full continuum of positive consequences.
  • Teach and review expected behaviors and routines.
  • Use pre-corrects to prompt students about expectations.
  • Actively supervise-moving, scanning, and interacting.
  • Provide a high number of opportunities to resond to academic material with high rates of success.
  • Use a brisk pace of instruction.
  • Intersperse brief and easy tasks amoung difficult ones.
  • Use behavioral momentum to increase compliance.
  • Provide opportunities for choice.
  • Provide additional time as needed.
  • Present material that is appropriately matched to student instructional level.
  • Create and teach a continuum of strategies to discourage inappropriate behavior.

Establishing clear classroom expectations, increasing predictability through clear procedures and routines, using a full continuum of positive consequences, creating and teaching a continuum of strategies to discourage unexpected behavior, actively supervising, providing high rates of opportunities to respond, using activity sequencing and offering choice, and adjusting task difficulty supports increase student engagement, task completion, and learning while displaying expected social behaviors.

These behaviors are then followed by a consequence, or outcome: positive specific feedback or effective correction. This sequence sets the stage for a well-managed, positive classroom environment.