SPED Co-Teaching 2


SPED Module: Co-Teaching Participant and Presenter Materials Participant Materials Participant Handouts: Listed below are handout packets that are valuable to all sections of the professional learning module as well as additional handouts specifically related to some of the sections. Co-Teaching Handouts Table of Contents Co-Teaching Table of Contents Presenter/Consultant Materials Presenter PowerPoints with Notes PowerPoint [...]

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Eugene Field Elementary identified as National ESEA Distinguished Schools Program


Eugene Field Elementary identified as National ESEA Distinguished School Eugene Fields Elementary was recognized in Category 2: Closing the achievement gap between student groups for two or more consecutive years. Mrs. Jennifer Taylor, principal at Eugene Field Elementary, identified their involvement with Missouri Model Districts as being a primary reason for their sustained [...]

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Check out new DCI Library


Explore the DCI Library This video library, featuring a series of video trainings on focused topics, has been compiled and developed by MoEdu-SAIL, together with our partners at DESE and the Missouri RPDCs. The videos range from briefs (3-4 minutes) to longer, more detailed videos (15 minutes) providing DCI districts with a place [...]

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T4 Setting Goals for Improvement In Action


Remember, an ETLP may be selected by the DLT, BLT, CT or in some instances the individual teacher. The following steps will help teachers set specific, measureable, achievable, relevant/rigorous, and time bound (SMART) goals for ongoing monitoring (Doran, 1981): Use Self-Assessment and Practice Profile resultsChoose a single ETLP (or use the assigned ETLP) and select [...]

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Giving Students Tools to Drive their Brains


Metacognition: The Gift That Keeps Giving http://www.edutopia.org/blog/metacognition-gift-that-keeps-giving-donna-wilson-marcus-conyers WWW.EDUTOPIA.ORG By teaching students to "drive their own brain" through metacognition, we provide a concrete way to guide them think about how they can best learn. Dr. Donna Wilson and Marcus Conyer talks uses the metaphor of "driving the brain" to describe metacognition.   In this short piece [...]

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Let’s Play Ball! (First Inning)


We’re swinging for the fences. School improvement efforts need to stop sending our players to the minors and step up to the plate. In Missouri, school improvement is about playing as a team. School improvement is not a stats game solely relying on test scores. It is a multi-layered approach that focuses on effective teaching [...]

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