Data-Based Decision Making for Teacher Teams

Data-based decision-making involves small teams meeting regularly and using an explicit, data-driven structure to disaggregated data, analyze student performance, set incremental student learning goals, engage in dialogue around explicit and deliberate classroom instruction, and create a plan to monitor instruction and student learning.


Learner Objectives:

  • Teacher develops knowledge and applies steps of DBDM “Cycles” (Data Teams) with example data sets.
  • Teacher learns how data-based decision making allows for demonstration of Missouri Teacher Standards
  • Teacher utilizes steps of DBDM “Cycles” in their classroom data

Participant and Presenter Materials

Participant Materials

Participant Handouts

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Presenter Materials

Presenter PowerPoints with Notes

PowerPoint files with detailed presenter notes are available for each learning package.

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Implementation Supports

Word document icon Next Steps Action Plan

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Word document icon DBDM Content Fidelity Checklist

Additional Information and Resources

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