When a district agrees to participate in Missouri Model Districts (MMD)/District Continuous Improvement (DCI), an important collaboration begins. The district, DESE, and regional professional development centers work together to establish a state-wide coordinated system that supports effective teaching and learning and achieves exceptional student outcomes. A three-year commitment to MMD/DCI is expected. Over the three years, MMD/DCI will inform DESE’s development of processes, resources, and expectations for supporting statewide effective education for all Missouri students.

The resources in the Getting Started with MMD/DCI section aid all MMD/DCI participants in their efforts to achieve the MMD/DCI goals and, most importantly, improve student outcomes.

What are the Goals of MMD/DCI?

  • Establish an environment supportive of instructional change through the enhancement of structures and processes at the systems level.
  • Implement an evidence-based framework for instruction, which includes components that have a demonstrated positive impact on teaching and learning outcomes.
  • Improve student outcomes through incremental, yet impactful changes at the district, building, and classroom levels.

In this section, you will find:

Blueprint: theoretical and applied descriptions of the MMD/DCI components. This blueprint is a dynamic document in that processes described may change in response to lessons learned in the initial stages of implementation.

Step-by-Step: recommendations for how to implement the components of the MMD/DCI program. This Step-by-Step provides practical ideas and a wealth of resources for successful implementation.

Implementation Checklist: list of action steps that districts are expected to accomplish throughout the three-year commitment.  This checklist outlines action steps critical for systems level change.

Implementation Practice Profile: implementation criteria formatted into a rubric structure with clearly defined practice-level characteristics.  The practice profile provides a useful picture of implementation levels and helps districts understand how to achieve the highest levels of implementation.

MMD Invoice and Expense Forms: documents that are a required part of MMD participation.  For help completing these documents, please contact Ginger Henry, Coordinator, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, 573-751-0625, ginger.henry@dese.mo.gov