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2019 Materials

 Program and Agenda 2019

 Blueprint 2019-2020

 Step-by-Step Guide 2019-2020

 Administrators Guide to Coaching 2019-2020

 Infographics and Practice Profiles 2019-2020

MMD/DCI 2019 Summit Presentations


 Foundations Presentation Part 1

 Foundations Presentation Part 2



 Mapping the Journey


 District Journey: A Tale of 2 Districts, Strain-Japan and Green Forest

 District Journey: Poplar Bluff

 Map (District Plan) Template

Marketplace Handouts

Marketplace for Incoming Districts

Quick Wins for Administrators

 Items to quickly check off

Getting Acquainted with Coaching Companions

 What are Coaching Companions?

 Coaching Companions handout

Marketplace for Current Districts

Taking a Closer Look at DACL… Using and Creating a Walk-through Tool

 DACL Walkthrough marketplace

 DACL_Walkthrough Tool

Many Ways to Increase Student Involvement in their Learning

 Goals Presentation

 Goals Teachers Manual