About Missouri SPDG

The Missouri Collaborative Work (CW) is supported by the 5-year State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) award that began October 2012. With an emphasis on professional development, the SPDG provides the resources for bridging professional development to practice. Resources include high quality professional development content and framework for delivery; support for implementation fidelity at state, regional, and local levels; data for informing continuous quality improvement; and technology support for enhancing and supplementing professional development experiences for educators. With SPDG support, the premise of visible learning as it applies to classrooms of teachers and students is translated to the professional development environment in which the teachers become the visible adult learners and the Regional Professional Development Center Consultants are the visible teachers. We understand that conventional forms of professional development (i.e., one-shot workshops and conferences) do not provide the support needed to modify teaching practices (Asayesh, 1993; Guskey & Huberman, 1995). The current prevailing view of effective professional development is that it needs to be authentic and ongoing (Boudah, Blair & Mitchell, 2003; Trivette, Dunst, Hamby & O’Herin, 2009). Furthermore, professional development should address adult learning methods to ensure effectiveness through levels of instruction (i.e., introduce, illustrate, practice, evaluate, reflect, and master).

To learn more about the Missouri SPDG, see the Missouri SPDG Goals and Objectives.

To learn more about how the work through the Missouri SPDG has helped to shape the implementation of the Missouri Collaborative Work, see the Missouri CW Magazine. This CW/SPDG product is revised throughout the year as the project expands and is revised.

About Professional Development (PD) to Practice

The professional development materials and methods developed through the SPDG will be used across Missouri. MO DESE, Office of Special Education, is finishing the first year of an innovative approach to improving teaching: Missouri Collaborative Work. Educators and professional development providers participating in the Missouri Collaborative Work will use these professional development materials to support the following teaching/learning practices and collaborative data-driven processes.

  • Establish and implement effective and efficient collaborative data teams.
  • Implement with fidelity and a high degree of effectiveness a variety of teaching/learning practices which have been proven to have a high effect size on student outcomes.
  • Develop and administer common formative assessments to measure the effectiveness of teaching/learning practices as evidenced by student mastery of learning objectives.
  • Use data-based decision making to guide decisions about classroom teaching/learning practices.

The desired outcome is improved learning for all students, especially students with disabilities, and improved teaching.

About Implementation Teams

  • SPDG Management Team: SPDG Management Team (MT) assumes responsibilities for attending to all of the implementation drivers. The SPDG MT works closely with DESE Offices and the Regional Professional Development Centers to assure systems and professional development are aligned, collaboratively review data, and problem-solve systems issues at all levels.

To learn more about implementation drivers, visit the National Implementation Research Center.

  • Program Partners: Teams are critical to completing work, garnering ownership, facilitating implementation, and making systems change within the context of the Missouri State Professional Development Grant.  Partners for this project include national experts, state executive leadership, Statewide System of Support leaders and consultants, program area leadership across the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, content area experts, external evaluators, contracted consultants with implementation expertise, and a team of purveyors tasked with facilitating the implementation processes with fidelity.
  • State Implementation Specialists: A team of State Implementation Specialists work directly with the Regional Professional Development Centers to support the fidelity of HQPD (high quality professional development) delivered to educators.
  • State Implementation Advisors: The team of State Implementation Advisors (SIA) convene quarterly to provide perspective and advice to the SPDG Management Team. This group of advisors has state level expertise directly related to the focus of the SPDG.