Student Teacher RelationshipsTeacher-Student Relationships

Participant and Presenter Materials

Effective teacher-student relationships increase levels of achievement, as well as student interest in and enjoyment of the class. Effective relationships also decrease the occurrence of classroom disruptions.

Teacher-Student Relationships: Expectations for Training

  • Develop effective classroom methods for building strong, positive relationships with students.
  • Encourage teacher self-reflection.
  • Improve students’ academic development.
  • Develop students’ socially appropriate behaviors.

Presenter/Consultant Materials

In addition to the participant materials, the PowerPoint files with detailed presenter notes are available for each learning package. For some packages, additional presenter resources are also suggested.

Presenter PowerPoints with Notes

 Teacher Student Relationships Presenter PowerPoint

Participant Handouts: Preparatory reading, additional handouts and worksheets, practice profile, and fidelity checklist are posted below.

Preparatory Reading: Fostering Relationships in the Classroom

Participant Handout Packet

Implementation Supports

Teacher-Student Relationships Practice Profile

Additional Resources
Teacher-Student Reference List