Discouraging Unexpected Behavior

Schools must have a system in place that allows staff to efficiently and effectively respond to a range of inappropriate behavior, from relatively minor ones such as talking out or being off-task, to chronic minor behaviors, and to more serious or major problems such as physical or verbal aggression.
This module provides information on the practices needed to build a comprehensive system to discourage the full range of inappropriate behaviors.

Learner Objectives:

  • Explain the role of teaching in response to student social errors.
  • Define for your school what constitutes a “major” or office-managed behavior that warrants an office
  • Develop an office referral form with all essential data fields, and clarify procedures surrounding the
  • Use respectful strategies for staff-managed “minor” inappropriate behavior.
  • Demonstrate instructional strategies for responding to inappropriate behavior.
  • Select and use additional consequences effectively.
  • Develop a process to monitor minor student behavior and guide discipline decisions.

Essential Functions:

  • The building leadership team has implemented the systems to define “Major” or office-managed unexpected behavior, a form to capture “Major” behaviors, and the systems needed to collect “Major” data for decision-making.
  • The building leadership team has implemented the systems to define “Minor” or classroom-managed unexpected behavior, a schoolwide procedure to monitor “Minor” behaviors, and effective and consistent instructional response strategies for “Minor” classroom-managed unexpected behaviors.
  • The building leadership team has developed and implemented an effective and consistent schoolwide system to discourage unexpected behavior.

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Additional Resources
  1. Missouri SW-PBS (2019). Missouri schoolwide positive behavior support tier 1 implementation guide.