Self Assessment Practice Profile

Online Self-Assessment Practice Profile (

excel Self Assessment Practice Profile Workbook (Current version of the tool as of 8/8/16)

Guidance and Materials for High Quality Professional Development

High Quality Professional Development Checklists

Resources for Effective PD Delivery

Common Formative Assessment

This excel workbook contains multiple worksheets to assist educators for recording their CFA data.

excel Master Mama Data Workbook

This is the direct link to the online CFA submission tool.

CFA Submission Tool



video player What is Collaborative Work (Narrated Powerpoint)

video player What is MTSS (Narrated Powerpoint)


Guidance and Materials for Developing Learning Packages

The following materials were shared with you as your centers started developing your learning packages.

Word General Learning Package Elements

Word Learning Package Feedback Form

Word General Template Information

ppt icon Powerpoint Template

Word Practice Profile Template



2016 Results from the School Implementation Scale and Team Functioning Survey

Click the links below to view the results of the 2016 School Implementation Scale and Team Functioning Survey organized for you region.  If you have trouble accessing these zip files email for assistance.

zip file icon Region 1

zip file icon Region 2

zip file icon Region 3

zip file icon Region 4

zip file icon Region 5

zip file icon Region 6

zip file icon Region 7

zip file icon Region 8

zip file icon Region 9