DCI Video Library

Welcome to the DCI Video Library! This video library, featuring a series of video trainings on focused topics, has been compiled and developed by MoEdu-SAIL, together with our partners at DESE and the Missouri RPDCs. The videos range from briefs (3-4 minutes) to longer, more detailed videos (15 minutes) providing DCI districts with a place to get in-depth information on topics that apply more specifically to their districts. Coaching Support Team Facilitators and Members will help districts determine which videos best accommodate their needs.

Check back often, as additional videos will be added. We welcome suggestions for other video topics. Please contact cindy.beckmann@moedu-sail.org.

DCI Practices

The DCI Practices, from which the content of the Professional Learning Modules is derived, make up the content for the District Continuous Improvement Framework. These videos are an excellent place to start for an in-depth introduction to each practice.


The “Systems” videos focus on effective systems change – to help us better understand what effective implementation looks like and how best to align with and support the educational system. Additionally, there is a video focusing on the newly incorporated Implementation Zones, a data-driven approach to describing district- and building-level implementation processes and outcomes.

Using Technology

Using technology to navigate DCI is key to successful implementation. Access to content, data, and resources is readily available and can more efficiently accommodate districts, adapting to schedules and complications of a CoVID world. These videos will provide helpful guidance for the many ways DCI is “tech friendly.”

Data and Reports

These videos provide districts with detailed descriptions of how to effectively use data and reports in making instructional decisions as well as planning for next steps and focus with DCI Practices. Additional videos highlight student led conferences, how to develop student portfolios based on student data, and ways to increase student involvement in their learning.

Materials and Tools

These video briefs provide a wealth of quick information about the extensive materials and tools available through DCI. The foundational set is an excellent starting place for districts – both current and new – with a separate video brief for the Blue Print, Step-by-Step Guide, Administrator’s Guide to Coaching, and Implementation Zones Guide. Additional briefs focus on the website, coaching companions, and more!

DCI in Action

DCI in Action presents video briefs focusing on a variety of DCI strategies, from “Coaching with 30 Second Feedback” to “How to Include Teachers in Conversations.” Strategies and tips for on-line teaching/learning will be included, as well. Check back often as this page will continue to provide new and useful videos.