For questions about getting started with Missouri Model Districts

Please contact:

Ginger Henry
Coordinator, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

For questions about MMD implementation, training, and coaching

Please contact your Regional Professional Development Center. Regional Professional Development Centers (RPDCs) offer professional development for Missouri educators. Each Regional Professional Development Center (RPDC) is located in an institution of higher education and supported through federal funds, other grant funds, fee-for-service revenue and university support. The mission of each of the nine regional centers is to improve student achievement for all students in their region by providing appropriate, and timely professional development to school communities in their service area.  Click here for specific region information.

Management Team

The SPDG Management Team (MT) assumes responsibilities for attending to all of the implementation drivers. The SPDG MT works closely with DESE Offices and the Regional Professional Development Centers to assure systems and professional development are aligned, collaboratively review data, and problem-solve systems issues at all levels. To learn more about implementation drivers, visit the National Implementation Research Center.

Stephen Barr, Assistant Commissioner, DESE Office of Special Education

Mary Dell Black, Co-Lead CST Facilitator, NAU Institute for Human Development

Cindy Beckmann, Research Project Lead, NAU Institute for Human Development

Mary Corey, Director of Special Ed. Data, DESE Office of Data System Management

Ginger Henry, Coordinator, DESE Special Education Services

Ronda Jenson, Director of Research, NAU Institute for Human Development

Sarah Marten, Project Director, NAU Institute for Human Development

Chelie Nelson, Project Director, NAU Institute for Human Development

Thea Scott, Director, DESE Effective Practices

Judy Wartick, Co-Lead CST Facilitator, NAU Institute for Human Development

CST Facilitators

Tammy Ratliff,, Cadre 1

Cynthia Matthew,, Cadre 2

Carla Williams,, Cadre 3

Judy Wartick,, Cadre 4

Pat Johnson,, Cadre 5

Terri Parks,, Cadre 6

Cheryl Wrinkle,, Cadre 7

Jeff Freeland,, Cadre 8

John Schuler,, Cadre 9