Coaching Support Teams (CST) provide ongoing support, training and coaching to the districts and buildings participating in Missouri Model Districts (MMD) and District Continuous Improvement (DCI). Professionals comprising a CST will hold identified expertise in areas of leadership and school culture, academics, social/behavioral, special education, data, technology, assessment, communication, accountability/MSIP, and systems change. CSTs work closely with district leadership teams to support and increase school district capacity in implementation and sustainability of evidence-based educational practices. Through consultation with the CST, training needs may be identified and, if desired, a Regional Professional Development Center (RPDC) called upon to support those training needs.

The professional partnership between the CST and MMD/DCI districts will involve the following:

  • Supporting district leadership through the Blueprint for a cohesive, integrated district plan of professional development to deepen implementation of evidence-based educational practices.
  • Assisting with identifying ways of embedding evidence-based educational practices within district need and context.
  • Creating, identifying, and sharing effective practices among Model Districts.

Participating districts are assigned to a cadre of districts sharing similar demographics. Each cadre is assigned a CST.

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