Guided Online Learning

The Virtual Learning Platform (VLP) is an online portal that provides Department endorsed, evidence-based training. This training is available to teachers and school administrators through the Department’s Web Application Portal and includes space for user collaboration, pre/post assessment, handouts, worksheets, bookmarking of courses in progress, and other materials required for training.

DESE Virtual Learning Platform

MMD Forms and Invoices

 Expense Categories MMD
 MMD Building Activities Documentation – use with Invoice #1
 MMD District Invoice #1
 MMD Building Activities Documentation – use with Invoice #2
 MMD District Invoice #2
MMD Technology Request Forms for District and Building


MMD/DCI Getting Started Materials

 Blueprint, 3rd Edition
 Step by Step Guide, 2nd Edition

 Administrator’s Guide to Coaching
Infographics and Practice Profiles, 3rd Edition
 Implementation Checklist

Participant and Presenter Materials: Professional Learning Modules

 Collaborative Teams 
 Data-based Decision Making 
Common Formative Assessment
 Developing Assessment Capable Learners (with Feedback) 
School-based Implementation Coaching
 Collective Teacher Efficacy

 Instructional Leadership

Professional Learning Materials

Find a complete list of all professional learning materials from past and current initiatives at the link below. These materials were created as part of the previously funded MO SPDG, Collaborative Work.

 Participant and Presenter Materials (Past and Current)