Clarifying Expected Behavior

Schools have curricula to guide the teaching of each and every subject. No teacher would be expected to teach math, reading, or the sciences without one. The curriculum ensures that all teachers are working in harmony toward the same end goals. With a proactive and instructional approach to discipline, we first develop a social behavioral curriculum.

This module provides information necessary for the development of schoolwide expectations and specific behaviors/rules that make up the building matrix.

Learner Objectives:

  • Understand schoolwide expectations that define success for all students and are applicable in all settings (e.g., respectful, cooperative, safe, kind).
  • Create a matrix of specific behaviors/rules to further clarify each schoolwide expectation for every setting.
  • Determine procedures for each of the school’s non-classroom settings (e.g., arrival/departure, hallways, cafeteria, recess, restrooms, assemblies, etc.).

Essential Functions:

  • The building leadership team has engaged all staff in defining schoolwide expectations (guiding principles), and rules (observable behaviors).
  • The building leadership team has engaged all staff in defining non-classroom procedures (clear steps for how things get done).
  • The building leadership team has implemented systems to support all teachers in developing positive and proactive classroom environments.

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Pre/Post Assessment: Pre and post assessments are a component of high quality professional development. It is recommended that all consultants and other trainers/facilitators use them as they tailor their professional development for their audience. The pre/post assessment and the answer key are posted below for downloading and administering.

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Presenter PowerPoints with Notes: A PowerPoint file with detailed presenter notes is available for the module.

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Additional Resources
  1. Missouri SW-PBS (2019). Missouri schoolwide positive behavior support tier 1 implementation guide.