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T2 EF4

T4 Setting Goals for Improvement In Action

Remember, an ETLP may be selected by the DLT, BLT, CT or in some instances the individual teacher. The following steps will help teachers set specific, measureable, achievable, relevant/rigorous, and time bound (SMART) goals for ongoing monitoring (Doran, 1981): Use Self-Assessment and Practice Profile resultsChoose a single ETLP (or use the assigned ETLP) and select [...]

t7 Other Practices that Increase OTR

Other commercial programs have evidence of their impact on learning through numerous opportunities to respond. Computer assisted instruction provides frequent responses and immediate feedback on results to enhance motivation and learning. Class-wide Peer Tutoring provides a systematic approach to reciprocal peer tutoring that promotes high levels of on-task behavior by simultaneously engaging all students. Direct [...]