The purpose of the Tier 1 SW-PBS Leadership Team is to provide leadership for the development, implementation, and evaluation of universal procedures in the entire building for all students and staff. Time is the most valuable resource for educators. Meeting and planning time are often scarce, so we must learn to work smarter, maximizing our time and outcomes. Unproductive meetings can dim enthusiasm for your work and slow efforts, while effective team processes excite, inspire, and fuel progress1Missouri SW-PBS (2019). Missouri schoolwide positive behavior support tier 1 implementation guide.. This module will provide information on establishing an efficient and effective SW-PBS Leadership Team that is representative of your school and has established a meeting schedule, working agreements, agenda and notes format, decision-making procedures, team member roles, and a system for collaborative teaming.

Learner Objectives

By the end of this course, you will…

  • Create a SW-PBS Leadership Team that is representative of the school.
  • Create a SW-PBS Leadership Team meeting schedule.
  • Create clearly defined working agreements.
  • Create a standard meeting agenda and format.
  • Create a decision-making procedure.
  • Create team member roles.

Recommended Prerequisites

Read Section Two: Systems in MO SW-PBS Handbook

Reflective Questions

  1. How can a SW-PBS Leadership Team help you achieve your desired outcomes/goals for SW-PBS?
  2. What systems make a team efficient and effective?