Encouraging Expected Behavior

SW-PBS includes a component for developing a schoolwide system to encourage expected behavior because teaching alone is insufficient for success in learning social behavior. It is important to follow demonstrations of desired behavior with consequences that are reinforcing to most students, such as adult attention, along with other forms of reinforcement.

This module provides information on the practices needed to build a comprehensive system to encourage and motivate students, as they learn and maintain expected behaviors.

Learner Objectives:

  • Understand and explain to others the importance and impact of both non-contingent and contingent attention on student behavior and school climate.
  • Use preferred adult behaviors to build relationships and positive school climate and effectively interact with students when talking about behavior.
  • Demonstrate specific, positive feedback that explicitly describes behavior and uses rationales.
  • Develop a tangible reinforcement system to enhance your use of specific, positive feedback.
  • Develop and implement an effective menu or continuum of positive reinforcement that serves to motivate all students across settings.
  • Monitor staff’s use of encouragement strategies with students.

Essential Functions:

  • The building leadership team has developed and provided professional learning activities to increase the likelihood that all adults consistently support a positive schoolwide environment.
  • A schoolwide system to encourage students’ use of expected behaviors and staff use of positive specific feedback in non-classroom settings has been developed.
  • The building leadership team has provided support necessary for each instructional staff member to create a classroom system for encouragement that aligns with the schoolwide system of encouragement.
  • The building leadership team has implemented a system to positively encourage expected behaviors of all adults (e.g., staff and family members).

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Pre/Post Assessment: Pre and post assessments are a component of high-quality professional development. It is recommended that all consultants and other trainers/facilitators use them as they tailor their professional development for their audience. The pre/post assessment and the answer key are posted below for downloading and administering.

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Additional Resources
  1. Missouri SW-PBS (2019). Missouri schoolwide positive behavior support tier 1 implementation guide.