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Read the following scene from a classroom that includes the active supervision practices previously discussed. Note each active supervision practice and record on paper, whether it is an example of moving (M), scanning (S), or inter-acting (I).

The teacher, Ms. Hailey, directed the class to finish writing a paragraph by themselves. She then moved slowly down the aisles looking from side to side quietly acknowledging the students for starting quickly. She stood beside Enrico for a moment, as he usually does not do well with independent work, and praised him for getting started. Ms. Hailey then stopped, turned around, and watched the front half of the class. She continued to loop around the class, stopping to check students’ work, and making compliments here and there. (Colvin, 2009, p. 46)

Teacher gestures to a whilte board in front of a classroom on middle school students seated in rows of desks. The teacher is looking at one student who has his hand raised.