Practice Profile Self-Assessment

Practice Profile Self-Assessment Take this self-assessment to see how your current practices align with the Collaborative Work practice Profiles. Click here to download

Journey of a Collaborative Work School

Journey of a Collaborative Work School Want to find out more about what's involved with being a Collaborative Work school? Check out this infographic. Learn more...

Getting Started with Collaborative Work

Ready to get started with Collaborative Work? Do you have collaborative teams?  Do these teams use data to drive discussion about student learning and teaching?  Is your teaching focused on student learning?  Do you know if your teaching is effective? Use this checklist to look at your current practices. Learn More... [...]

Data-based Decision-making

Data-Based Decision Making Data-based decision-making involves small teams meeting regularly and using an explicit, data-driven structure to disaggregated data, analyze student performance, set incremental student learning goals, engage in dialogue around explicit and deliberate classroom instruction, and create a plan to monitor instruction and student learning. Learn More...

Collaborative Teams

Collaborative Teams Collaborative teams allow educators to work interdependently to study and communicate the impact of their teaching, using evidence of student progress to improve outcomes for all students. These teams set the stage for data inquiry, during which the focus shifts from how students work to how students think. Learn [...]

Common Formative Assessment

Common Formative Assessment Common Formative Assessments are real-time student learning data. Learn More...

Effective Teaching/Learning Practices

Effective Teaching/Learning Practices Collaborative Work educators use teaching and learning practices research-proven to be effective. Learn More...