Common Formative Assessment

Common formative assessment at the classroom level is a systematic and cyclical process designed to provide timely teacher/student feedback on curricula and student learning to improve both instructional practices and academic achievement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the clear purposes of assessment by clarifying
    • Why assess?
    • Who will use the results of assessment?
    • How will the assessment data be used to improve teaching and learning?
  • Develop clear and meaningful learning targets to guide instruction and student learning
  • Construct quality assessment instruments which are of sound design and measure the learning target

Participant and Presenter Materials

Participant Materials

Participant Handouts

Listed below are handout packets that are valuable to all sections of the CFA professional learning module as well as additional handouts specifically related to each of the sections.

pdf-icon CFA Handouts Related to All Sections

pdf-icon Handouts for CFA Overview

pdf-iconHandouts for CFA Meaningful Learning Targets

pdf-iconHandouts for Sound Assessment Design

pdf-iconHandouts for Selected Response Items

pdf-iconHandouts for Constructed Response Items

pdf-iconHandouts for Performance Assessment Items

Pre/Post Educator-Learner Assessments

Pre and post assessments are a component of high quality professional development.It is recommended that all consultants and other trainer/facilitators use them as they tailor their professional development for their audience. The pre/post assessment and the answer key are posted below for downloading and administering.

Word document icon CFA Pre-Post Assessment with Answer Key 

Presenter/Consultant Materials

Presenter Materials

PowerPoint files with detailed presenter notes are available for each learning package.

ppt icon CFA Overview and Purpose of Assessment

ppt icon CFA Meaningful Learning Targets

ppt icon CFA Sound Assessment-Design

ppt icon CFA Selected Response

ppt icon CFA Constructed Response Items

ppt icon CFA Performance Assessment Items

Implementation Supports

Word document icon Next Steps Action Plan

Word document icon CFA Practice Profile

Additional Resources

link For useful materials on effective PD delivery, visit the helpful resources page.

Word document icon CFA Reference List

link Online CFA Submission Tool

CFA Coaching Companion