Student Practice: Spaced vs. Massed

Presenter and Participant Materials

Massed Practice refers to conditions in which individuals practice a task continuously without rest.  Spaced Practice refers to conditions in which individuals are given rest intervals within the practice sessions.  While information repeated in a distributed fashion or spaced over time learned more slowly, it is retained for much longer.

Student Practice: Spaced vs. Massed Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the research and core components of spaced versus massed practice.
  • Determining the types of concepts which best fit spaced practice.
  • Determining the amount of space between repetition or practice of concepts.
  • Applying spaced practice to identified concepts.
  • Planning for classroom application.

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Participant Materials

JoomagParticipant Slides: These files do not include the presenter notes. Files can be viewed online, on mobile devices, or printed. Click on the slide image to open the file in Joomag. From there, you can print or email participants. Another option is to use the direct link shown below each image. You can copy and paste that link into an email.
MO EDU-SAIL Learning Packages Student Practice (Spaced vs. Massed)

zip file iconParticipant Handouts: Preparatory reading, additional handouts and worksheets, practice profile, and fidelity checklist are posted below.

Student Practice Handout Slide


Pre/Post Educator-Learner Assessments:

Pre and post assessments are a component of high quality professional development.  It is recommended that all consultants and other trainer/facilitators use them as they tailor their professional development for their audience. The pre/post assessment and the answer key are posted below for downloading and administering.

Word document iconStudent Practice Pre-Post KEY



Presenter/Consultant Materials

In addition to the participant materials, the Power Point files with detailed presenter notes are available for each learning package. For some packages, additional presenter resources are also suggested.

Power Points with Presenter Notes

ppt iconStudent Practice PowerPoint

Implementation Supports

Word document iconStudent Practice Practice Profile

Word document iconStudent Practice: Spaced vs. Massed Implementation Fidelity Checklist


Additional Resources

Word document iconOptional Presenter Pre-reading: Spaced Practice In the Context of Learning

Word document iconStudent Practice Reference List