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Lesson Summary

During this lesson, you learned ways to modify CICO for individual students and considerations for how CICO and an IEP can be linked for students receiving special education services with behavioral goals.

Next Step Question(s)

Next steps include planning how modifications will be determined to meet the needs of individuals and how your Tier 2 team will coordinate with IEP teams.

Determine what information from this lesson you will share with your staff. How will it be shared, when will it be shared, and who will share it?

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For More Information

Additional information about Check-In, Check-Out can be found in Chapter 5 of the Missouri SW-PBS Tier 2 Team Workbook which can be found at

Next Lesson

When you are ready, continue to your final lesson in the Check-In, Check-Out course, CICO Cultural Considerations where you will learn about developing adaptations to Check-In, Check-Out to make it culturally appropriate for intended consumers. Considerations will be provided for modifications to meet the needs of stakeholders’ cultural/religious, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.